When is the biggest time for Seasonal Greetings Cards?

26/09/2012 21:03

We all understand, or may realise, that the most prominent occasion for relatives paying for greetings cards is during the Christmas season. A few people even start acquiring their cards as early as August, which is when Cardly made their 1st sale in the year twenty eleven, their very first year of trading. The next most prominent season has got to be the valentines period, and this is a great time for bringing partnerships within the UK into their most caring period. After the Valentine period, we then enjoy Mother’s Day and Father’s Day.

The UK is probably one of the most common countries for consumers to buy and give out these types of cards for their Mother & Father, one problem remains though, should their be a ‘children’s day’? Some people say it is ‘children’s day’ every day in terms of the presents they get from their family around them. With a little less importance, but still higly relevant, we access the Easter season, this is the occasion when people will mainly purchase packs of small cards or maybe even kids cards from Cardly Greetings UK.

This detailed Daughter Christmas Card is one of the latest additions to the Cardly UK range.