Amusing Greetings Cards are a strike at Cardly Site

24/09/2012 21:04

Over the past 24 months, the team at have been working particularly hard on the increase of the funny assortment of greetings cards. Just 2 of the publishers they have introduced, are Catherine Tate and Urban Graphic Cards, which have proved a big hit with the males of the consumer market. Many of the funny greetings cards include well known quotes. Beneath are a few of the most well-liked quotes:

With a Cup of Tea in Your Hand, Anything is Possible

Birthdays are nature’s way of telling you to eat more cake”.

Those who are late are so much jollier than those who have to wait for them

The gross sales of these products have seen a great influx over the past twelve months and Cardly uk have exclaimed that they are expecting their funny range to continue to be a huge success for the organisation. It is in these tough economy times that it is thought to be imperative for the public to contain a sense of humour in order for individuals to live happier and trouble free lifestyles.